Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Creamy Pineapple Dessert ***

I don't know what it is about summer, but I always crave pineapple-y things when it gets hot out.  Add in some nice creamy Cool Whip, and Amy is a happy girl.  This isn't a new recipe, but it's been a year or so since we've had it.  We love it every time.  Even hubby tried and loved it this time around, and he usually turns his nose up at these kinds of sweets.  I need to make it again soon.

Photo from Screaming Sardine

(luckymommyto2boys ~ Amy ~ via Screaming Sardine)

Large can of crushed pineapple and juice (can also substitute chunks)
Vanilla pudding mix – large box
Whipped topping – 8 ounces

Mix all of the ingredients together, including the juice in the can of pineapple. You can also add some
coconut if you’d like. Chill. Enjoy!

Previous posts:
4/29/12 ~ We loved this!  I threw it together in just a few minutes and let it chill for a couple hours.  The kids begged for seconds, lol.  It's nothing extraordinary, but after taking our evening walk, it was the perfect cool, creamy dessert to come home to. 

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