Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Grilled Brussels Sprouts ***

I've mentioned it before, but we love Brussels sprouts around our house.  Even the boys have loved them since they were little.  We hit the lottery with two kids who love so many veggies that are often despised by little ones.  Hubby texted me during the day today and said that he was in the mood for burgers on the grill.  He's still trying to eat semi-healthy, so I figured I'd try to find a veggie to grill at the same time.  I already had this one saved in my Pinterest files, so it was a pretty easy decision for me.

Long story short, we loved it.  It's nothing that will sweep you off your feet by any means, and I wouldn't suggest it for anyone who doesn't already enjoy sprouts.  That said, though, we'll definitely be making them like this more often.  It's so simple to throw this together and pop it on the grill alongside the burgers!  Ideally, I would have liked to have sprinkled a tad bit of Parmesan on each serving, but I was out.  I'll definitely do it next time, though.

(luckymommyto2boys ~ Amy ~ SugarDishMe)

4-6 cups fresh Brussels Sprouts, trimmed and coarsely chopped
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon kosher salt
Aluminum foil

Toss the Brussels Sprouts with the olive oil. Set aside.
Heat the grill to medium to medium high (between 350 and 425).
Make a foil pouch. Place the Brussels sprouts in the center of the pouch and roll up the sides leaving the top open.
Sprinkle the Brussels sprouts with the kosher salt.
Toss the pouch on the grill. Close the lid. Stir after about 5 minutes.
They will be done in 15-20 minutes. Some pieces will be crisp and charred, others will be golden, and others will be green and look steamed.
Remove the Brussels sprouts from the pouch to a plate and serve.

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