Thursday, February 5, 2015

S'More Bites ***

I feel silly even posting this as a "recipe," because it's so simple and seems like it should be common sense.  Well, for me it wasn't.  It really and truly never would have occurred to me to try these this way, so when I saw it pop up on Pinterest, I knew instantly that I had to make them for the kids.  They go mental for s'mores, but we normally only have them during the summers when we have campfires.  Every great now and then, I'll let them make one over the stove, but that's just too messy.  So I made these, and they loved them.  Again, you wouldn't think it would be such a big deal, but you should have seen their little faces light up.  Priceless. 

(luckymommyto2boys ~ Amy ~ MelissaDionne)

6 graham cracker sheets*, or 12 Saltine or Ritz Crackers (or as many as you wish)
6 large marshmallows (enough to fit your crackers)
12 Hershey’s Kisses, unwrapped (enough to top your crackers)

Break graham cracker sheets in half.
Using clean scissors (or a clean knife) cut each marshmallow into 2 halves.
Heat oven to low broil.
Align graham crackers in the center of a cookie sheet about 1/2″ apart from each other.
Top each graham cracker with a marshmallow with the cut/sticky side down.
Place marshmallow topped graham crackers under broiler (turn oven light on if you have one) DON’T WALK AWAY, watch them closely as they will toast quickly, allow to toast until golden rotating pan with oven mitt as needed.
Once golden immediately remove from oven, place 1 kiss in the center of each toasted marshmallow and gently press down.  For best results serve warm, just like a real s’more.

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