Monday, February 18, 2013

Dreamsicle Salad ***

The kids really enjoyed this.  The flavors reminded me of Orange Julius, which I love.  It's kind of sweet for my tastes, but it's really good.  I'd prefer to either cut the mandarins in half (for more bites) or use a bigger can of mandarins.  There just wasn't enough of those in there my tastes.  It was still really good for how simple it is, though.  The original pin said that it's 4 Weight Watchers points, but I haven't calculated anything on my own.

Photo from The Better Baker
(The Better Baker)

1 - .3 ozs pkg. sugar free orange jello
1 - 3 ozs. pkg. sugar free instant vanilla pudding
1 - 10 ozs. can mandarin oranges, drained
1 - 8 ozs. tub fat free frozen whipped topping, thawed

Dissolve jello in 1 c. boiling water. Add 1/2 c. cold water; let set in fridge for 20 minutes. With mixer or whisk, add dry vanilla pudding mix and beat until
smooth. Fold in oranges and whipped topping (by hand). Refrigerate.
Try strawberry jello with strawberries, peach jello with (no sugar added) peaches, etc.

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